Eckhaus Latta Unveils Inaugural NFT Collection

Today, Eckhaus Latta announced its inaugural NFT collection. In celebration of the brand’s 10-year anniversary, the new NFT endeavor is in partnership with social impact cryptocurrency, Ponyo Impact.

Titled “EL10,” the collectible NFTs feature 3D renderings of 10 Eckhaus Latta looks from the brand’s decade-long history. The 10 looks have been illustrated by Seoul-based artist Leeseongil and feature a range of skin tones, hairstyles, eye colors and more. The rare NFTs are set on dreamy landscapes created by New York-based photographer, KangHee Kim. Additional NFTs will feature the vibrant looks and accompanying avatars over a range of 100 different colored backgrounds.

“It was a funny process for Zoe and I to reflect upon the past 10 years and the 20 collections that subsist of that,” said Eckhaus Latta co-founder and designer, Mike Eckhaus. “So for us, it was trying to figure out pieces and looks that felt important to us on a personal level and what felt also Eckhaus Latta. It was an interesting editing process and thinking of how to have it be a mix of different things that we have explored over the past 10 years within our collections.”

In partnership with auto-impact token Ponyo Impact, the NFT collection will live on the Ethereum blockchain with each NFT set at .025 ETH to mint. 30% of EL10 sales will benefit Bottomless Closet, which is a New York City-based organization tasked with aiding women to enter the workforce. Additionally, any wallet that mints 10 or more EL10 NFTs will receive a credit equal to 20% of the purchase price to use on Eckhaus Latta’s website. Additionally, the buyer will also have the chance to win tickets to Eckhaus Latta’s next fashion show or a virtual meeting with co-founders/designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta.

Check out the gallery above for a look at the NFT collection with more information available at

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