Dwayne Johnson Unveils 'Young Rock' Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloon

Dwayne Johnson has just shared a throwback version of himself in giant balloon form for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The towering balloon is a direct copy of the infamous meme of a ’90s Rock wearing a black turtleneck, gold chain, and fanny pack.

Johnson captioned the tweet with: “Well I’ve been lucky enough to do some pretty cool shit in my life.. but after seeing my @NBCYoungRock FANNY PACK FLOAT in the #MacysThanksgivingParade this might take the cake. My plucked raised eyebrow is the stuff dreams (and nightmares) are made.” Most likely not an actual ballon from the parade, the video in the tweet is a promo for Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming series on NBC titled Young Rock. The video ends with the commentators stating that there are over 50,000 cubic feet of helium in the fanny pack alone.

Fans of Johnson can expect the series to launch in February 2021.

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