DRIVERS: Jhonnattan Castro and His 2022 Toyota GR86

DRIVERS is a series highlighting influential individuals in the HYPEBEAST sphere and their passion towards all things automotive. The approach is simple: what is car culture to you, and why do you have a passion for it? Each contributor is given a chance to shine light on their personal vehicle or vehicles, and asked to remark on how they are driving culture forward, both metaphorically and literally.

For our latest DRIVERS edition, we’re highlighting a racing professional who specializes in entering corners way too fast and sideways, while his fans and home country love him for it.

Jhonnattan Castro drifts professionally for the Formula D(rift) series, where he’s competed and won multiple championships – four to be exact. Driving for Toyota and using the nimble GT 86 sports coupe, Castro finds control and limit at the very edge, literally, winning over judges in style, finesse, and consistency throughout his lead and follow runs. His connection with the GT 86 and telepathic ability to maneuver through the tightest corners and chicanes make him the pride of his home, Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Castro’s drift racer, a highly modified Toyota GT 86, is capable of handling the rigors of Formula D, but Castro finds the platform surprisingly capable straight from the beginning, as evident in the all-new 2022 GR86. With a new, larger 2.4L naturally-aspirated engine and a significant power bump, the GR86 is now outputting 228 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. As such, the car now completes 0-60 mph in just 6.1 seconds, almost a second quicker than the previous generation. Its factory-standard limited slip differential, improved suspension components and a standardized six-speed manual transmission, the GR86 is a gem of a handling sports car, whether you’re a professional like Castro or not.

Check out our latest episode of DRIVERS above.
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