Donald Trump's Newest A-List Packed Project Could Potentially Land Him in Even More Legal Trouble

As many know, former President Donald Trump’s forthcoming book called Letters to Trump is supposed to be a collection of letters he cumulated over the years, packed with correspondence from A-list celebrities, political figures, and royals. Many have been wondering what could be inside the book priced at $99.99 on Amazon, and just as many, if not more, are wondering about the legality behind this bombshell book.

With private letters from high-ranking people like Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, and Kim Jong Un, along with deceased members of the royal family like Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II, many want to know how Trump got clearance to post private letters. Along with them, award-winning star Liza Minnelli and Jay Leno’s letters will be included.

Now, her representative Victoria Varela told Newsweek that Minnelli “was unaware of the book and has not given her permission to be included.” Along with that, Leno flat-out said he never gave Trump permission to post his letters.

This makes them two of the first stars to address this controversial book and the legality behind it.

Per Newsweek, the company behind his book Winning Team Publishing has claimed that there is “actual or implied” permission. However, Newsweek also stated that previous copyright laws claim that those who wrote the letters are the ones who own the rights to the text.

Only time will tell, but many believe this book is a recipe for another legal battle for the former President.

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