Donald Trump’s Lawyers Said He ‘Will Be Acquitted’ If This Former Ally Will Testify

While some of former US President Donald Trump’s family members have been avoiding legal talk by all means necessary, it seems his lawyers are spilling all the details: including about the one major player in the Trump former allies to take the stand.

In an interview on Aug 6 with ABC’s The Week, one of Trump’s newest lawyers John Lauro claimed if former US Vice President Mike Pence testifies “consistent with his book, then President Trump will be acquitted.” Lauro referred to Pence’s memoir So Help Me God, which was released on Nov 2022.

Lauro also claimed that Pence would “be one of our best witnesses” when Trump goes to trial for his third indictment related to the allegations that Trump allegedly tried to overthrow the 2020 election.

Tom Brenner for The Washington Post via Getty Images.

Lauro also added in the viral interview that he “cannot wait until I have the opportunity to cross-examine Mr. Pence, because what he will do is completely eliminate any doubt that Mr. Trump—President Trump—firmly believed that the election irregularities had led to inappropriate results.”

However, former U.S. Attorney Gene Rossi told Newsweek that Pence would hold the exact opposite effect Lauro alleged, claiming that Pence should not be their best witness, saying, “The conversations that Pence had with Trump show a guilty mind. When the president says, ‘You are too honest,’ that is code for ‘I know I am asking you to do something illegal.’”

Now, Pence, who is also running for the 2024 Presidential election, said he’d have no problem taking the stand. “I testified under a subpoena before the grand jury. I’m somebody that believes in the rule of law, but look, I have nothing to hide,” Pence said at the Indiana State Fair per ABCNews. “I don’t want to prejudge how that case may unfold. The president’s entitled to the presumption of innocence and entitled to his day in court.”

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