Donald Trump's Lawyers Reportedly Accept Jan. 6 Subpoena as Committee Tries to Get His Side of the Story

Donald Trump has been served. Well, his attorneys have reportedly accepted the subpoena for him from the Jan. 6 Select Committee and there are two demands of the former president.

Matthew Sarelson, an attorney with The Dhillon Law Group who is representing Donald Trump, is the one who accepted service, according to Politico. Now, the investigative panel is asking the 45th president to hand over pertinent documents related to the insurrection by Nov. 4 and then appear for his deposition on Nov. 14. It’s unclear whether this will ever happen, though, as his legal team may try to hold up the proceedings in court (Donald Trump hasn’t confirmed this option publicly).

Judging from the retweets of the firm’s top lawyer, Harmeet Dhillon, she’s not too pleased by the subpoena, to begin with, so Americans shouldn’t be surprised if a legal battle ensues. Last week, David A. Warrington from Donald Trump’s legal team issued a statement criticizing the select committee’s actions. “We understand that, once again, flouting norms and appropriate and customary process, the Committee has publicly released a copy of its subpoena,” the statement reads. “As with any similar matter, we will review and analyze it, and will respond as appropriate to this unprecedented action.”

The committee wants to know if Donald Trump had communication with extremist groups, like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, ahead of the Capitol riot. There are also concerns he might have tried to communicate with witnesses who testified before the committee and possibly “directly or indirectly” offered to pay their legal fees or hinted at future employment. Donald Trump hasn’t divulged his opinions on what his next steps are, but he’s probably going to try and avoid Nov. 14 at all costs.

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