Disney Shows Off Its Retractable 'Star Wars' Lightsaber

In the works since at least 2018, Disney‘s Imagineers have now developed a realistic retractable Star Wars lightsaber. During SXSW, Disney Parks and Experiences Chairman Josh D’Amaro offered a presentation highlighting the advanced technology and science at its parks.

Already amazing the crowd in attendance, jaws dropped when D’Amaro began discussing the developments at Star Wars attractions. The Disney Parks and Experiences Chairman abruptly activated the lightsaber hilt in his hand revealing a retractable blade. The bright neon-blue blade extended magically out of the silver hilt accompanied by the iconic noise associated with powering on the Jedi weapon.

Despite Disney Imagineers bringing the work of fantasy into reality, there are no plans at the moment to make the retractable Star Wars lightsaber available to the public. Though curious readers can now see the amazing advancement in action at Disney’s Star Wars attractions.

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