Dell’s New Concept Luna Laptop Can Be Taken Apart in Seconds

Dell has followed up on last year’s Concept Luna laptop with an even more sustainable model. While the previous iteration featured sustainable materials that were easy to recycle and replace, this latest laptop flexes its repairability, capable of being dismantled in less than a minute.

The 2022 Concept Luna is about the same size as a Dell XPS 13 Plus. It also looks a lot like last year’s concept model, which contained four screws, but now utilizes a completely modular design with no cables or connectors.

In a demonstration, the laptop was opened up and had its internal parts removed in approximately 30 seconds. Thanks to its modular design, each piece can be easily snapped into place to put it back together.

Users can stick a pin, or anything about the same size, into the security lock to begin the process. Front here, the keyboard slides out and they have access to the system.

“By marrying Luna’s sustainable design with intelligent telemetry and robotic automation, we’ve created something with the potential to trigger a seismic shift in the industry and drive circularity at scale,” CTO for Dell Technologies’ Client Solutions Group Glen Robson wrote in a blog post.

“A single sustainable device is one thing, but the real opportunity is the potential impact on millions of tech devices sold each year, and optimizing the materials in those devices for future reuse, refurbishment or recycling. ”

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