Daniel Arsham Is Set To Unveil a New Collection of Furniture

Daniel Arsham will soon unveil his new collection of furniture, Objects for Living: Collection II, at the Friedman Benda art gallery in New York City. Arsham’s new collection will be his first solo exhibition at the gallery.

The upcoming iteration in the series builds upon Arsham’s Objects for Living show, which made its debut at Design Miami in 2019. The first installation was a fictional recreation of his Long Island home that was built in 1971 by Norman Jaffe. In creating the second installation, which was fueled by the time Arsham spent at home amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the multidisciplinary artist thought about what objects he would want to live with. As a result, the new exhibition is a personal account of his experiences in the home throughout time, specifically how they all worked to inform his craft today.

Collection II will expand the recreation of his Long Island home with new furniture pieces. The pieces include chairs, sofas, beds, lamps, dining tables, benches and mirrors. Many of the new pieces were inspired by the free-form sculpting quality of Play-Doh, which can be seen in the collection preview above.

Throughout his career, the acclaimed artist has had a number of successful installations across the world in addition to his many collaborations with brands such as Dior, IKEA, Porsche and more. Recently, Arsham also became the Creative Director for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is the first time an artist has assumed the role with the NBA.


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