Dad discovers his box has been filled with an interesting piece of meat

Many who see this picture of some fried chicken may declare ‘I’m lovin’ it’, while others are perhaps more inclined to suggest it is ‘finger licking good’.

Either way, the crispy shaft of meat has caused something of a stir in the Greene household.

Dad Rich, 47, wanted a fleshy lockdown treat so went to his local McDonald’s where he picked up a £5.89 Chicken Select Meal at the drive through.

It wasn’t until he got home to nosh on his meat that he realised his box had been stuffed with an interesting shaped piece of chicken.

In fact, Rich’s interest was so aroused that he decided to take a picture to share with his friends.

He then pealed back some of the crust to check what he was eating was bona fide. Satisfied by what he saw, he got his lips around it for a good old chomp and swallowed the whole load.

Explaining his discovery, Rich said: ‘I was with my daughter and we fancied a McDonald’s so we went through the drive-thru.

‘When I got home and opened the box I was confronted with what looked like Mr McDonald. I don’t really know what to say because it really does look like a particular something.

‘I haven’t seen Ronald in a while so I hope he’s doing okay. It still tasted alright.

‘I did peel off the crumbs before I ate it though just to check it was chicken inside.’

We’ve studied the image carefully and all we can see is a piece of breaded chicken that looks a bit like a toadstool. What do you see? Let us know in the comments below.

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