clothsurgeon's "FLOWERS DON'T TELL, THEY SHOW" Collection Is a Masterclass in Savile Row Tailoring

London-based imprint clothsurgeon — spearheaded by Rav Matharu — is best known for its reworked and upcycled garment production. Sold on London’s iconic Savile Row, the brand is now presenting its latest collection, “FLOWERS DON’T TELL, THEY SHOW,” and its an expression of intricate tailoring and an approach that effortlessly merges streetwear influence with the UK’s best-in-class craftsmanship.

Through the use of luxury silk wool blends, cashmere, linen fabrication from Loro Piana, and lightweight flannels, clothsurgeon has managed to curate a collection that offers something for everyone.

Highlights from the capsule come in the form of lightweight and breathable shirts — complemented with tailored detailing around the stitched hems — while outerwear pieces are included with technical zippers and soft interiors, offering a seamless blend of exploration-meets-comfort for those navigating the city.

As per Matharu, his new collection looks to “continue the conversation of contemporary craftsmanship, while creating a lighter weight collection that allows you to layer and elevate your personal style in warmer climates.”

With this being said, the collection features summer-ready shorts — recommended to be partnered with their corresponding shirts — alongside newly-introduced accessories, such as bucket hats, that are designed in understated color schemes, from earthy brown hues to more vibrant approaches in tones of blue.

You can take a closer look at the new collection from clothsuregon above and it is available to shop via the brand’s official website now.

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