Clare Crawley’s New ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants Have Finally Been Announced

After a production shutdown and some casting changes, here are all the men competing for Clare’s final rose.

Following a temporary production shutdown in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, Clare Crawley’s Bachelorette contestants have once again been announced.

Chris Harrison revealed the men, of which there are 31 in total, during a Facebook video on Tuesday, Sept. 29. They range in age from 26 to 40. Matt James, who was originally announced as a suitor for Clare, is no longer among them. As announced in June, Matt will be the next Bachelor and the first Black Bachelor in the franchise’s history. "I’m hoping that when that limo pulls up, there’s a lot of diversity and I see every type of woman coming out of that limo," James said on Good Morning America, adding that he wishes Clare the best on her Bachelorette journey.

Clare, meanwhile, was first announced as the Bachelorette on March 2. At 39, she’s also the oldest Bachelorette ever on the series, though her season could make history for another reason, too. Rumors have been circulating that Tayshia Adams will reportedly replace Clare at some point this season. Harrison has hinted at a shake-up, but didn’t acknowledge these rumors while announcing Clare’s batch of men. He did, however, have a few interesting things to say about the contestant Clare supposedly leaves the show early to be with: Dale. "It’s safe to say that Dale really leaves his mark early on this season," Harrison teased. "It’s safe to say I’ve never seen someone leave a bigger impression." Make of that what you will.

Get to know him and the rest of Clare’s contestants below.

Age: 28

City: Playa del Rey, California

Job: Software Salesman

Age: 30

City: Venice, California

Job: Army Ranger Veteran

Age: 36

City: New York, New York

Job: Wealth Management Consultant

Age: 31

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Job: Male Grooming Specialist

Age: 29

City: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Job: Wildlife Manager

Age: 28

City: Cleveland, Ohio

Job: Real Estate Agent

Age: 30

City: Milford, Massachusetts

Job: Commercial Roofer

Age: 31

City: San Diego, California

Job: IT Account Executive

Age: 27

City: Salt Lake City, Utah

Job: Landscape Design Salesman

Age: 31

City: Brandon, South Dakota

Job: Former Professional Football Receiver

Age: 26

City: Scottsdale, Arizona

Job: Spin Cycling Instructor

Age: 29

City: Newport Beach, California

Job: Sports Marketing Agent

Age: 36

City: Miami, Florida

Job: Healthcare Salesman

Age: 34

City: North Hollywood, California

Job: Professor of Journalism

Age: 28

City: Dallas, Texas

Job: Aeronautical Engineer

Age: 31

City: Arlington, Virginia

Job: Former Professional Football Lineman

Age: 29

City: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Job: Fitness Director

Age: 40

City: Washington, D.C.

Job: Banker

Age: 36

City: New York, New York

Job: Anesthesiologist

Age: 26

City: New York, New York

Job: Software Account Executive

Age: 30

City: Santa Monica, California

Job: Cyber Security Engineer

Age: 39

City: Chicago, Illinois

Job: Boy Band Manager

Age: 38

City: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Job: Digital Media Advisor

Age: 37

City: Austin, Texas

Job: Chef

Age: 30

City: Long Island City, New York

Job: Attorney

Age: 31

City: Tampa, Florida

Job: Insurance Broker

Age: 27

City: Morgantown West Virginia

Job: Lawyer

Age: 36

City: Georgetown, Texas

Job: Music Manager

Age: 29

City: Daphne, Alabama

Job: Medical Device Salesman

Age: 36

City: Haddonfield, New Jersey

Job: Addiction Specialist

Age: 37

City: St. George, Utah

Job: Cleaning Service Owner

And there you have it. Get ready for an unforgettable season.

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