Christopher Walken Has Never Done The Everyday Thing You’re Doing Right Now

Actor Christopher Walken lives a low-tech life that’s practically no-tech by 21st century standards.

The Oscar winner told Conan O’Brien Wednesday he has neither a cellphone nor a computer, and has “never sent a text or an email.” But he gets along just fine. (Watch the interview below.)

Walken, 77, relies on a ― gasp ― landline, which he first called a “land mine,” inviting a crack from the host. The “Deer Hunter” and “Pulp Fiction” star has never Googled himself, hinting that his more tech-savvy wife Georgianne could do it if need be. “She says ‘don’t look,’” Walken explained.

Walken, who currently appears in the film “Wild Mountain Thyme,” reminisced about the days when actors would play cards or read a book between scenes without reaching for a cellphone.

However, he confessed to once asking a castmate to locate his house on Google Earth.

“It was really amazing,” he said. “You could see the lawn chairs and the car in the driveway.”

Walken has discussed his low-tech life before, but watching him walk O’Brien through it is definitely worth the time.



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