Chiharu Shiota Entraps Miniature Structures in Woven Thread

Chiharu Shiota, the Japanese artist known for her sprawling installations made of woven thread, is currently the focus of a solo exhibition at Brussels’ Galerie Templon. Entitled “Living Inside,” the presentation features a selection of new miniature works that expand upon the artist’s practice of exploring domestic spaces and her “family cocoon” theme. From houses to vehicles and even furniture, the small everyday objects presented in the exhibition are completely entrapped in red thread. These pieces explore the themes of immobility, silence, seclusion and uncertainty of destiny.

“An artist who has long been haunted by the question of the invisible ties between beings, illness and transcendence, she reveals in this new exhibition a novel approach to sculpture. Using doll’s houses, miniature furniture and window frames, her recent work plays on the notion of scale, recollection and our secret bond with everyday objects,” said the gallery in a statement. Accompanying the sculptures is a series of drawings made by the artist in isolation. The drawings portray unwavering spirals and spectral characters connected by red or black threads — “a metaphor for the ties between spirits,” the gallery added.

Get a closer look at “Living Inside” by watching the video above and then head to Galerie Templon’s website for more information. The exhibition is on view through July 24.

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Galerie Templon
Rue Veydt 13A, 1060
Bruxelles, Belgium
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