Catch All the Action Outdoors With Nocs Provisions' Compact Zoom Tube Monocular

Nocs Provisions has just released a new outdoor tool in the form of the Zoom Tube Monocular. Available in an assortment of colors, the Zoom Tube features a textured surface for maximum grip, IPX4 water resistance, 8x magnification/32mm lens aperture (400mm zoom), Swiss-designed Bak4 prisms, a wide field of view (384ft @ 1000 yds/7.3º), and a two-meter minimum focusing distance.

This compact monocular also has a number of attachments for increased versatility. Accessories like the Inspector Microscope convert the Zoom Tube into a 32x microscope while the Peak Design Capture Clip allows for effortless backpack mounting.

“We’re stoked to introduce the Zoom Tube 8×32 Monocular as a new addition to our optics line. The Zoom Tube, paired with our Inspector Microscope attachment, provides for viewing the micro and macro, in a size that fits in any pocket” said Nocs Provisions founder and CEO, Chris McKleroy. “We want people to really use our products – take them out, beat them up, and see deeper. The Zoom Tube is so compact and lightweight there’s really no reason to leave it behind.”

Those interested in the Zoom Tube Monocular can head over to Nocs Provisions where it retails for $75 USD.

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