Call Of Duty 2023 is a full game claims new report – could be Modern Warfare 3

The question of whether there’ll be a new mainline Call Of Duty this year, or just DLC, has taken another turn with a major new leak.

Although it’s still all just rumours, with no evidence presented, it did seem as if more or less everyone had agreed there would be no new Call Of Duty 2023 this year, just a large expansion pack that continues the story from Modern Warfare 2.

Ironically, the best evidence for this was the peculiar language Activision used to comment on the situation, talking about a ‘full premium release’, which really did make it seem like they weren’t planning a regular new game. And yet the latest rumour, from a usually reliable source, claims they are.

The rumours suggest that ‘premium DLC’ was the plan at one point but that it has now morphed into a normal, standalone game that will be released as normal this November.

The new game is described as being ‘heavily connected’ to the Modern Warfare series and could well become Modern Warfare 3, although the source admits they don’t know for sure about that.

Normally, Call Of Duty games do not see a direct sequel to one of their sub-series from one year to the next – the usual wait is two years – but supposedly the new game will be led by Vanguard developer Sledgehammer Games and not Infinity Ward from Modern Warfare 2.

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