Burger King Indonesia Concocts a New "Purple Seoul" Menu

While Burger King locations across the globe have been concocting a variety of new innovations, over in Indonesia, the burger chain has whipped up a new “Purple Seoul” menu that’s one for the books. Back in 2019, the purple food trend made a comeback as restaurants, bakeries and such were creating a number of new dishes and desserts with the use of ube — made from purple yams — which is derived from the Philippines.

The “Purple Seoul” menu features 2 kinds of burgers and 3 new desserts which all follow suit of the royal hue. First on the list is the Purple Seoul Beef Burger that stacks an Australian beef patty with grated mozzarella, purple cabbage for some crunch and long strips of K-Rashers drizzled with Korean spicy-sweet sauce on soft purple buns. The Purple Seoul Chicken Burger opts for a crispy chicken fillet with grated mozzarella, purple cabbage and K-Rashers strips finished off with Korean spicy-sweet sauce over purple buns. For dessert, the Blueberry Sunday is your usual soft vanilla ice cream topped with fresh blueberry sauce, while the Purple Fusion is a blend of soft vanilla ice cream with fresh blueberry yogurt. For those who prefer a fizzy alternative, the Blueberry Superfloat is a combination of Sprite with fresh blueberries and vanilla ice cream.

The “Purple Seoul” menu is now available at participating Burger King branches throughout Indonesia until November 30.

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