Blxst Drops New Album “Before You Go”

Fresh off a show-stopping Coachella performance, Los Angeles artist Blxst has released his new album titled Before You Go, which is a follow-up to his 2020 debut mixtape No Love Lost.

The XXL Freshman’s latest project comes via Red Bull Records and Evgle LLC and includes a combination of 13 new and previously released songs. Opening with a 50-second chill vibes intro “Sky Lounge Music,” the album flows into the second track “Never Was Wrong,” which sounds like a distant cousin to Blxst’s 2020 viral hit “Chosen,” and then continues on with a smooth array of West Coast-inspired hip-hop and R&B ebbs and flows.

His lead single “Every Good Girl” is accompanied by a stylish music video that showcases the artist’s hometown with city skylines and coastal views.

Blxst also welcomed a few guest appearances on the new album, with featured artists including Rick Ross, Zacari, and Arin Ray.

Take a listen to Blxst’s new album below:

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