Blood & Water Has a Lot of Explaining to Do, So Obviously Netflix Had to Order Season 2

Netflix’s South African drama, Blood & Water, premiered on May 20 and fans are already eager for the next chapter. Directed by Nosipho Dumisa, the series follows 16-year-old Puleng Khulamo (Ama Qamata) as she juggles family drama, a love triangle, and the dangers of prep school politics for one reason: she’s convinced that popular girl Fikile Bhele (Khosi Ngema) is actually her long-lost sister who was abducted at birth 17 years ago. The teen seemingly solves the case in the show’s season one finale, but that still leaves a ton of questions left unanswered. Which means Netflix has more than enough reason to renew the series for a second season — and they have! And if you think you’re excited about the renewal, just look at how excited the cast members were when Dumisa broke the news to them:

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