Bitcoin Jumps Back Up to $34,000 USD After Major Dip

Bitcoin jumped back to $34,000 USD on Tuesday night after dipping below $30,000 USD earlier in the day.

By Wednesday, the coin hit a high of $34,734 USD in the morning hours before inching down toward $33,000 USD later in the day, according to Coindesk. 

Over the last 24 hours, the coin has seen a 2.65 percent increase — a promising sign after it experienced wild fluctuation over the past few days. Bitcoin hit a high of $39,352 USD on Thursday, June 17, before steadily declining to a low of $29,458 USD on Tuesday night.

Still, the coin has lost about half of its value since it reached an all-time high in April of just over $63,000 USD.

Other popular cryptocurrencies, including dogecoin and ethereum, also experiences price swings in recent days.

In other news, two brothers associated with one of South Africa’s largest cryptocurrency investment platforms, along with their $3.6 billion USD in bitcoin, have vanished.
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