BBC to Produce Three-Part Docuseries on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Facebook‘s 20th anniversary is coming up in 2024, and in preparation for the tw0-decade mark of one of the world’s most influential technological events, the BBC is now working on a three-part docuseries following founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his creation of the giant social media platform.

Unlike 2010’s Social Network, BBC claims it’ll be a “definitive account” of Zuckerberg and his rise in the tech industry, offering a more accurate account of events in a journalistic documentary. The broadcaster says it’ll be showcasing “key players, insider testimony, personal journals and rare archival material.” TV production company Mindhouse will be handling the project.

“The remarkable story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is one of the tales of our time,” said Mindhouse’s creative director Nancy Strang. “He has arguably done more to transform human behavior and connectivity than any other person this century. I’m thrilled that we’ve been given this opportunity to tell the extraordinary inside story of the social media giant, and the man behind it.”

There’s no premiere date just yet for the docuseries, but it’ll be available on BBC Two and the BBC iPlayer app when it arrives sometime in 2024.

In other related news, Twitter says quarterly earnings fell short because of Elon Musk and the uncertainty he has caused.
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