Bachelor Moses Mackay is looking for love – of a different kind

Former Bachelor Moses Mackay has taken to Instagram looking for a match – of the four-legged kind.

The Sol3 Mio singer may not have found love on the show with Bachelor winner Annie Theis, but he did make one love connection on the show – a puppy he met during a date with Theis to the SPCA.

The Bachelor shared on his Instagram page that after meeting the gorgeous dog during filming, he asked if he could take her home.

“I asked if I could have her. But she already had an owner,” Mackay shared.

He went on to reveal that he was now on the hunt for another dog to join his current labrador x Great Dane, Merch.

“And I’m actually serious about finding Merch a friend. If anyone knows of a dog compatible with a 4 year-old labrador x great dane. Lemme know (sic).”

Mackay went on to share a series of himself with the playful SPCA pup, and the perfect match was undeniable.

So while he may not have found love of the human kind on the show, Mackay looks like he will likely soon have his heart full of puppy love instead.

For Mackay and Theis, their relationship status however appeared clear not long after the show concluded, with neither ever posting on social media about the other after the show concluded.

Speculation also went into overdrive when TVNZ 2 stopped tagging Theis in Instagram photos featuring all the women in the show, despite previously doing so, leading some to believe things had gone sour after filming had concluded.

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Mackay shared during the Bachelor tell-all, the news that they are now “just friends”.

He also revealed they initially tried to make it work with Mackay flying to visit Theis and her family, before it all came to a halt.

Theis went on to share that, “being on the show really is a bubble” and suggested she was left asking the question “how do we do this in real life?”

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