B. Thom Stevenson Unveils Anarchist Works at NYC's Tennis Elbow

After presenting a selection of artworks as part of The Journal Gallery’s popular “Shutdown” exhibition curated by Julia Chiang last year, contemporary artist and Miracle Selzter founder B. Thom Stevenson returns with new anarchy-induced pieces for a solo show at the New York outpost. For the presentation, Stevenson unveils a batch of acrylic and enamel on canvas pieces that revolve around the theme of rebellion. Words such as “anarchy” and “no government” are observed in select pieces.

The works in the presentation are inspired by punk fliers with the artist counting ancient artifacts as well as works by Pablo Picasso as other sources of inspiration to create his bold pieces. Accompanying the works on display is a 230-page publication by Stevenson entitled SCREW.

When asked about his favorite street in NYC the artist expressed: “Bleecker Street, I get my zines printed down the street from the Picasso sculpture, ’Bust of Sylvette,’ 1966. Also, I have spent cumulative years on the West Village stretch of Bleecker, creating window displays for Marc Jacobs and Book Marc.”

Check out select works for Stevenson’s exhibition at Journal Gallery for Tennis Elbow above. The presentation is on view through July 8.

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The Journal Gallery
45 White St.
New York, NY 10013
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