Apple iOS Will No Longer Block "Asian" as Adult Content

An odd issue with Apple iOS regarding its adult content filter blocking will soon be fixed. The issue, which was discovered as early as 2019, defines the word “Asian” as adult content, meaning if you search subjects like “Asian Food,” “Asian Supermarket,” or “Asian History” in Safari, it will be blocked and labeled as adult content.

After some reaching out to Apple from user Steven Shen, a correspondent from Apple eventually addressed Shen’s concerns and “filed the issue internally.” While the original issue was brought up years ago, it was the current situation in the States that expedited the fix with a number of users with parental-filters unable to search “Stop Asian Hate” on their devices, promoting a mass outcry.

Now, with the latest Apple iOS 14.5 Beta installed, it seems the issue has been fixed where those with parental settings can now search “Asian” on their phone without it getting blocked.

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