Alpha Motor Corporation and Heimplanet Reveal Futuristic Electric Camping Truck

The Alpha WOLF, an all-electric pick-up truck designed by Californian start-up Alpha Motor Corporation has officially announced a new collaboration project with German outdoor specialist Heimplanet to create a bespoke Cloudbreak™ Geodisic Tent that perfectly integrates into the truck bed. The tent is made of rip-resistant high-density polyester and designed to guarantee stability while offering comfortable access, featuring two separated entry points to form an accessible entrance and exit design. The “Camel White” paint version is specially designed to draw inspiration from the sands of Camel Beach, California.

“Creativity is the main component to mainstream upcycling, and that is beyond technology. We are passionate to find sustainable solutions in mobility that people can truly appreciate,” said Alpha Motor Corporation. Built for utility and adventure, this truck is designed for consumers looking for a solid four-wheel drive utility truck powered by renewable energy. Alpha Wolf has a capacity of four people in the main cabin and yields impressive functional performance, able to run 250 to 275 miles on full charge, reach 0-60mph in 5.9s, and tow up to 3,050 KG.

The trucks are now available for advanced reservation on the Alpha Motor Inc. official website, with a release date to be announced in the coming months.

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