Alpha Industries and BAPE Dress [email protected] in Reversible MA-1 Flight Jackets

Following a collaborative 25th-anniversary outwear series last year, BAPE and Alpha Industries join forces once again to deliver a unique spin on MEDICOM TOY‘s [email protected]

The 100% and 400% scale sets are covered in army green camo displaying a zippered shark head and a classic MA-1 jacket while the 1000% figure takes it up a notch with an actual BAPE x Alpha Industries removable MA-1 bomber jacket tailored specially for the [email protected] figure. The jacket is reversible, giving buyers the choice between classic army green with hunting graphics and flight tags or BAPE graduation camo.

The limited-edition [email protected] will be available on November 6 at MEDICOM TOY and A BATHING APE online and offline stores. Stay tuned to the BAPE social channels found below for additional information.

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