Alienware's Concept Nyx Will Stream Your Games to All Your Home Devices

Hoping to take game streaming and cloud gaming to the next level, Alienware has now unveiled its Concept Nyx over at CES 2022.

Resembling a massive gaming PC along with a Switch Joy-Con-like controller, the new technology essentially performs as a server in your own home, allowing you to stream games to all your various devices with exceptional convenience. The machine will be positioned near your router or modem and connected via Ethernet cable, allowing it to broadcast your favorite games to different TVs, computers or handheld devices whether they’re installed locally on the Nyx or from a cloud server.

Since the device is installed locally, you won’t have to put up with slower WiFi connections or input lag. For those who live with their family, friends, or significant other, the Alienware creation will even allow you to stream two games at once onto a single TV, so you can play whatever you want without getting in each other’s way. You’ll also be able to pause your game in the living room and resume it where you left off in the bedroom — or bathroom if you so choose.

Of course, Alienware’s Concept Nyx is just a prototype at the moment and there are no concrete plans yet to bring it to the mass market, so those looking forward to cloud gaming and game streaming should stay tuned for more updates to come.

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