Afghan War Casualty Report: Dec. 28-Jan. 3

The following reports compile all significant security incidents confirmed by New York Times reporters throughout Afghanistan. It is necessarily incomplete as many local officials refuse to confirm casualty information. The toll here does not generally include claims of insurgents killed by the government, because of the difficulty of verifying such claims. Similarly, the reports do not include attacks on the government claimed by the Taliban. Both sides routinely inflate casualties of their opponents.

At least 75 members of pro-government forces and 14 civilians were killed this week. Pro-government forces casualties increased this week compared to last week, but civilian casualties were down. The deadliest violence took place in Sar-i-Pul Province, where the Taliban attacked security forces in three areas, killing a total of 21 people and wounding 25 others. At least 10 civilians suffered casualties in two operations by pro-government forces in Paktia and Faryab provinces. Casualties in both provinces were caused by American air power.

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Jan. 3 Baghlan Province: 14 police officers killed

The Taliban attacked two police outposts in the Dasht-i-Khwaja Alwan area of Pul-i-Kumri City, the provincial capital, killing nine police officers in one outpost and five in another. The outposts were located along the highway connecting Baghlan with Samangan. The Taliban lit fire to a Humvee and a police truck. They also seized one Humvee and a large weapons cache, then they left the area. Taliban fighters blocking the highway prevented reinforcements from reaching the area.

Jan. 2 Badghis Province: four soldiers killed

Four soldiers were killed and six others were wounded in Taliban attacks on two army outposts in Bala Morghab District. Insurgents overran both outposts, seizing all weapons and equipment there.

Jan. 2 Kandahar Province: six security forces killed

The Taliban attacked an army battalion and a police outpost in the Mandozo area of Maiwand District, where fighting continued for more than 10 hours. One police officer was killed and three others were wounded in the fighting. Before the attack, Taliban militants dug a tunnel under the battalion and placed explosives there, then detonated them when fighting intensified. Five soldiers were killed and six others were wounded in the explosion. Reinforcements arrived to the area and repelled the attack.

Jan. 1 Balkh Province: six police officers killed

The Taliban attacked a police outpost in the Madrasa village of Chimtal District, killing six police officers and wounding seven others during five hours of battle.

Jan. 1 Sar-i-Pul Province: 21 security forces killed

At least 21 members of security forces were killed and 25 others were wounded in coordinated attacks by the Taliban on the center of Sayad District, security outposts along the highway linking Sar-i-Pul with Jowzjan and a village with oil wells. Insurgents attacked the district center from three directions and captured one security outpost during seven hours of fighting. Reinforcements were ambushed by insurgents, but it was not clear whether they suffered casualties or not.

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Dec. 31 Zabul Province: eight police officers killed

The Taliban attacked police outposts in the Sorkhi Sang area of Arghandab District, killing eight police officers. Insurgents captured one of the outposts and burned it down later. Another outpost was abandoned by police forces.

Dec. 31 Faryab Province: five civilians killed

The Taliban attacked a military convoy driving from Sheren Tagab District to Maimana City, the provincial capital, and looted five trucks loaded with uniforms and weapons. American helicopter gunships arrived and fired rockets at the trucks. A house was also hit during the bombardment. Two civilian men and three women were killed, and 12 others were wounded, including nine women. The government had warned people in the area to evacuate their homes while the convoy crossed the highway because of security concerns.

Dec. 31 Jowzjan Province: one civilian killed

The Taliban killed a 30-year-old man in front of his house in the Dik Sar village of Qosh Tepa District, after accusing him of cooperating with the Islamic State, according to officials.

Dec. 31 Ghazni Province: three police officers killed

Three police officers were killed and five others were wounded in a Taliban attack on a security outpost in the Zenekhan area of Ghazni City, the provincial capital. The Taliban escaped from the area after reinforcements arrived.

Dec. 31 Farah Province: one member of security forces killed

A member of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) was shot and killed by armed men in Farah City, the provincial capital. The attackers escaped after the attack.

Dec. 31 Paktia Province: five civilians killed

Five civilians were killed by an American airstrike during a joint military operation by Afghan and American special forces in the Sorkai area of Zurmat District. Haji Nayim, a former Jihadi leader and tribal elder, hosted an event for Taliban members; the event was bombed by American air power, killing Nayim and four other civilians. Two Taliban commanders, including one in charge of a Red Unit, were also killed.

Dec. 31 Helmand Province: one police officer killed

The Taliban attacked a police outpost in the Naqilabad area of Nadali District, killing one police officer and wounding three others.

Dec. 31 Takhar Province: one police officer killed

An I.E.D. attached to a private vehicle owned by the police chief of Darqad District exploded in front of the governor’s office. Col. Mohammad Omar, the district police chief, was killed and two members of the security forces were wounded in the explosion.

Dec. 30 Balkh Province: one police officer killed

One police officer was killed by a Taliban sniper in the Sabzi Karha village of Charbolak District.

Dec. 29 Kunduz Province: one soldier killed

The Taliban attacked an Afghan army outpost in the Alif Berdy village of Imam Sahib District, killing a soldier and wounding another.

Dec. 29 Balkh Province: two militia members killed

The Taliban attacked a pro-government militia outpost in Dawlat Abad District, killing two members and wounding two others. Reinforcements were ambushed on their way to the outpost, but did not suffer any casualties.

Dec. 29 Takhar Province: one civilian killed

The Taliban kidnapped and killed a female activist on charges of adultery in Dasht-e-Qala District.

Dec. 28 Kunduz Province: two militia members killed

The Taliban attacked the homes of pro-government militia members in the Zangi village of Ali Abad District. Two members were killed and another was taken prisoner by insurgents during the attacks.

Dec. 28 Ghazni Province: two civilians killed

A civilian vehicle hit a roadside bomb hit in the Arzo area of Ghazni City, killing two civilians and wounding two others.

Dec. 28 Faryab Province: four soldiers killed

An Afghan security forces convoy was ambushed in the Islam Qala village of Shirin Tagab District. Four soldiers were killed and four others were wounded in the attack.

Reporting was contributed by the following New York Times reporters: Fatima Faizi from Kabul; Najim Rahim from Mazar-e-Sharif; Taimoor Shah from Kandahar; Farooq Jan Mangal from Khost; and Mohammad Saber from Herat.

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