ADISH Presents "Facing the Forest" SS22 Collection

Israeli-Palestinian label ADISH has returned for Spring/Summer 2022, once again looking to its home countries for inspiration. Dubbed “Facing the Forest,” the collection takes its name from a book by A.B. Yehoshua, which tells of Palestinian villages that were razed and replaced with forests, parks and reserves.

The natural tones and textures of these places are referenced through natural woven fabrics, applied garment dyeing and stone washing techniques. Additionally, ADISH incorporates patterns and techniques that can be traced back to Palestinian villages that once stood in these parks. Additionally, ADISH continues to work with the Lakiya weaving workshop, who have crafted handwoven tassels to hang on hoodies.

Alongside the collection, ADISH will present a capsule in collaboration with Nicholas Williams of Small Talk. This capsule features digitally printed drawings of flora that grows throughout Israel and Palestine. Launching its SS22 “Facing the Forest” collection, ADISH said, “While we can embrace nature for all it is, we must also embrace the past buried beneath it.”

The SS22 collection is due to release early next year, with the Small Talk capsule arriving in March 2022.

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