Acer Rolls Out Lightweight Single-Motor E-Bike, the ebii

Acer is branching out into the e-bike market with the launch of a new model called the ebii. While the company is known for its PCs, the innovative e-bike leads with a technologically-advanced yet minimalist design, featuring a powerful electric motor, airless tires made from recycled materials and collision detection sensors for added safety.

Weighing in at about 35 lb with a 250/350 W, the ebii converges speed, smart technology and smartphone compatibility in the single-motor bike. The ebii is equipped with a range of tools for additional protection, including an anti-theft alarm and auto-lock function that kicks in when the linked phone is out of range.

A single charge takes around two and a half hours and can provide up to 70 miles of battery life. For context, the ebii runs at a maximum speed of 20 MPH, giving the user a few hours of ride time, though the bike’s battery can also be used as a portable charger for laptops and phones, making it a convenient choice for tech-savvy riders.

The ebii isn’t ideal for those who don’t own a smartphone, as users will have to download a dedicated app for information on battery life, recommended routes, speed checks and to lock and unlock the bike.

“The all-new Acer ebii delivers on our commitment to sustainability via technology and creative design, further driven by the desire to enhance user’s mobility and experiences,” Acer Co-COO Jerry Kao said. “As urban commuters search for convenient, safe, and greener options, the Acer ebii’s AI assistance and innovative safety features empower them to go further, faster.”

Acer has not yet announced the release date or pricing for the ebii, but with its impressive range of features, it’s sure to make waves in the e-bike market.

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