Aaron Johnson's Ghoulish Character Invade Almine Rech

Returning after the holidays, Almine Rech invites Aaron Johnson‘s ghoulish characters to play host within the gallery’s Paris flagship. The self-titled solo show by the Brooklyn-based artist coincides with Johnson’s ongoing Day is Night exhibition in Shanghai.

Johnson typically creates colorful large-scale paintings that are populated by his otherworldly figures. For the show at Almine Rech, however, the artist magnifies the focus through a suite of smaller portrait-style paintings that pit visitors face-to-face with each of his strange, yet charming characters.

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Inspired by the masters of Color Field painting and the Chicago Imagists of the mid-1960s, Johnson creates each of his paintings by staining the raw canvas whilst on the floor — allowing spontaneity and unpredictability to determine the final outcome of his compositions.

Aaron Johnson just opened over the weekend and will be on view at Almine Rech’s Paris flagship until February 11.

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Almine Rech
64 Rue de Turenne
75003 Paris, France
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