8 Drops You Don't Want to Miss This Week

With another week upon us, we have yet another installment of our product drops series. Leading the list is the seventeenth release from Supreme‘s Fall/Winter 2021 collection and Palace‘s Holiday 2021 Week 2 drop.

This week Supreme returns to its major collaboration series for the season to deliver yet another expansive collection with The North Face. Centered around a striking bleached denim print, the collection features a Nuptse Jacket, Mountain Jacket, Fleece Jacket and Mountain Pant. Along with matching accessories which include a Nuptse Trooper, 6-Panel, 700-Fill Down Scarf, Pocono Backpack, Roo II, Shoulder Bag and Sleeping Bag.

The accompanying Week 17 Drop range is led by the Polartec® Hooded Sweatshirt with matching Half Zip Pullover, Pants, Earflap Camp Cap, Balaclava and Pocket Scarf. Other standouts include the Raised Embroidery Hooded Sweatshirt with matching Sweatpants and headwear options like the Banner Beanie, Raised Logo Patch Beanie and New Era® Box Logo Balaclava. Finishing up the weekly release is the boldly branded MG 1/100 RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver.3.0 Gunpla kit and Magis 5 Drawer 360 Container.

Other collaborations this week come in the form of a beach monoprint capsule between Sam Friedman and Awake NY and the Maxfield LA x NEEDLES capsule collection. Other standouts include the OVO “Winter Survival” collection, BBC ICECREAM Winter 2021 collection and BoTT OG logo collection. Rounding up this week’s releases is the launch of the GOLF le FLEUR* nail polish.

Maxfield LA x NEEDLES Capsule Collection

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Maxfield La2 of 7

Maxfield La3 of 7

Maxfield La4 of 7

Maxfield La5 of 7

Maxfield La6 of 7

Maxfield La7 of 7

Maxfield La

When: Now
Where: Maxfield LA

GOLF le FLEUR* Nail Polish Release

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Golf Le Fleur*2 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*3 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*4 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*5 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*6 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*7 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*8 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*9 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*10 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*11 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*12 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*13 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*14 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*15 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*16 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*17 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*18 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*19 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*20 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*21 of 21

Golf Le Fleur*

When: Now
Where: GOLF le FLEUR*

BBC ICECREAM Winter 2021 Collection

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Bbc Icecream2 of 11

Bbc Icecream3 of 11

Bbc Icecream4 of 11

Bbc Icecream5 of 11

Bbc Icecream6 of 11

Bbc Icecream7 of 11

Bbc Icecream8 of 11

Bbc Icecream9 of 11

Bbc Icecream10 of 11

Bbc Icecream11 of 11

Bbc Icecream

When: Now

OVO “Winter Survival” Collection

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Ovo2 of 8

Ovo3 of 8

Ovo4 of 8

Ovo5 of 8

Ovo6 of 8

Ovo7 of 8

Ovo8 of 8


When: Now
Where: OVO

Supreme Fall/Winter 2021 Week 17 Drop

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Supreme2 of 28

Supreme3 of 28

Supreme4 of 28

Supreme5 of 28

Supreme6 of 28

Supreme7 of 28

Supreme8 of 28

Supreme9 of 28

Supreme10 of 28

Supreme11 of 28

Supreme12 of 28

Supreme13 of 28

Supreme14 of 28

Supreme15 of 28

Supreme16 of 28

Supreme17 of 28

Supreme18 of 28

Supreme19 of 28

Supreme20 of 28

Supreme21 of 28

Supreme22 of 28

Supreme23 of 28

Supreme24 of 28

Supreme25 of 28

Supreme26 of 28

Supreme27 of 28

Supreme28 of 28


When: December 16, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan Release December 18, 11 a.m. JST
Where: Supreme

Sam Friedman x Awake NY Beach Monoprint Capsule

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Awake Ny2 of 10

Awake Ny3 of 10

Awake Ny4 of 10

Awake Ny5 of 10

Awake Ny6 of 10

Awake Ny7 of 10

Awake Ny8 of 10

Awake Ny9 of 10

Awake Ny10 of 10

Awake Ny

When: December 17
Where: Awake NY

Palace Holiday 2021 Week 2 Drop

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Palace2 of 45

Palace3 of 45

Palace4 of 45

Palace5 of 45

Palace6 of 45

Palace7 of 45

Palace8 of 45

Palace9 of 45

Palace10 of 45

Palace11 of 45

Palace12 of 45

Palace13 of 45

Palace14 of 45

Palace15 of 45

Palace16 of 45

Palace17 of 45

Palace18 of 45

Palace19 of 45

Palace20 of 45

Palace21 of 45

Palace22 of 45

Palace23 of 45

Palace24 of 45

Palace25 of 45

Palace26 of 45

Palace27 of 45

Palace28 of 45

Palace29 of 45

Palace30 of 45

Palace31 of 45

Palace32 of 45

Palace33 of 45

Palace34 of 45

Palace35 of 45

Palace36 of 45

Palace37 of 45

Palace38 of 45

Palace39 of 45

Palace40 of 45

Palace41 of 45

Palace42 of 45

Palace43 of 45

Palace44 of 45

Palace45 of 45


When: December 17, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan/China Release December 18, 11 a.m. JST/CST
Where: Palace, “Palace_Skateboards” WeChat store

BoTT OG Logo Collection

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Bott2 of 3

Bott3 of 3


When: December 18
Where: BoTT
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