8 Books to Read ASAP If You’re Obsessed With 'Grey’s Anatomy'

Way back in 2005, a little medical drama premiered on ABC and a new audience obsession was born. We can’t believe Grey’s Anatomy has been with us for nearly 20 years, and a significant episode of the show’s 19th season is just days away. On February 23, Ellen Pompeo’s final stint as Dr. Meredith Grey will air. We can’t imagine Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital without Meredith. If you’re as emotional as we are about the next chapter in the Grey’s Anatomy saga, you’re not alone. To comfort us through this incredibly emotional moment in the show’s history, we’ve rounded up a number of books you can dive into to feed your Grey’s Anatomy obsession.

Much like the ABC series, these novels are full of medical dramas, romance, and so much more. You won’t be able to put these page-turners down once you pick them up. One of our favorites has to be Pull of the Stars. Set in 1950s Ireland, Nurse Julia tends to expectant mothers who are simultaneously battling a new strain of flu. With the help of mysterious outsider Dr. Kathleen Lynn and young volunteer Birdie Sweeney, these women hold steadfast to one another, mourning the lives they cannot save while welcoming new life into a chaotic world.

'The Pull of the Stars' by Emma Donoghue$13.99on Amazon.comBuy now

We’re already adding this book to our carts! But if you’re still not sold, don’t worry. There are plenty more books you can check out in our list. If you’re obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, these are the novels for you.

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