5 Things 'The Handmaid's Tale' Needs to Step Up & Fix in Season 4

When we last left The Handmaid’s Tale, head Handmaid June (Elisabeth Moss) was bleeding out in the woods after staging a rescue mission of the children of Gilead. While the children went free, she was left behind — and as the past few seasons of this series have veered increasingly into trauma porn, many viewers worry that upcoming season 4 will be more of the same, especially now that June’s left facing the wrath of Aunt Lydia once again. As the show has gone on, June’s character motivations have grown more puzzling by the episode too, to the point that we get it if part of you feels like June deserved to be left in Gilead. But after a year’s break, The Handmaid’s Tale has the opportunity to return to the must-see show it was when its first season came out — as long as it stops making these mistakes.

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