14 Beyond Cute Photos of Kids on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

If you’re a fan of watching the Golden Globes, you know what to expect from them: all your favorite celebs, Hollywood glamour, and a night of interrupted yet heartwarming acceptance speeches. Every once in a while though, the red carpet gets new additions: kids!

From child stars like the cast of Stranger Things back in 2017 to celebrity children like Emma Thompson‘s daughter Gaia Romilly Wise and Susan Sarandon‘s son Jack Henry Robbins, it’s always fun to see kids and teenagers get a tad overwhelmed with the glitz and glamour of the red carpet.

Not only that, but we love the parents-child duos that grace the carpet. To proud mama moments from Angelina Jolie and tight squeezes from dad Idris Elba, these red carpet moments let us in to the family dynamics that are so often private. Another plus: spotting some family look-a-likes!

Check out some of the best photos of kids on the Golden Globes carpet below!

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