11 Connections to BTS's Old Music Videos in "Yet to Come"

11 Connections to BTS’s Old Music Videos in “Yet to Come”

One thing BTS is never, ever going to pass up on is the opportunity to pack their music videos with tons of Easter eggs and callbacks to previous work that will strike their fans, the ARMY, right in the hearts with nostalgia.

The group’s latest music video, “Yet to Come,” off their new anthology album “Proof,” is no exception. The video features allusions and straight-up re-creations of shots from their other hit music videos like “No More Dream,” “Butterfly,” “Spring Day,” “Blood Sweat & Tears,” “Run” (not to be confused with their new song “Run BTS”), and more. There are so many, we can’t even be sure we caught them all — ARMYs will be sure to find more and more connections as the stream count for “Yet to Come” rises.

Check out all the connections we spotted below.

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