Zip Line Kid Crashes into Sloth in Costa Rican Rainforest

Traffic jams happen in Costa Rican jungles too, or at least they do when a zip-lining kid suddenly crashes into … a freakin’ sloth!!!

Ya gotta see this video … the kid hops on the zip line, and starts to pick up some serious speed, when about 12 seconds into his journey he slams into a sloth that’s also moving down the cable — but, naturally, at a sloth’s pace.

The boy comes to a screeching and jarring halt in a head-to-head collision … and the sloth hangs on for dear life.

Everyone looks a little shaken up, but no one appears to be seriously injured, though the sloth seems a little ticked off at the humans before slowly keeping it moving along the zip line.

The incident went down Sunday in La Fortuna, Costa Rica … an area known for its zip lines and suspended bridges which offer views of lakes and volcanoes, and apparently up-close encounters with sloths.

Maybe some sloth crossing signs or traffic lights are in order.

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