Will Kendall Jenner Be in the Kardashian Family Christmas Card This Year?

Every year, the Kardashian-Jenners wow fans with ultra festive and well-thought out family Christmas cards that many of us look forward to seeing.

In the past, the famous family has tried their best to get everyone together, but recently, a few members’ schedules have just been way too hectic.

Last year, Kendall Jenner has been notably missing from the family Christmas photo due to her being a super busy model.

Now that the time to take this year’s photo is right around the corner, will Jenner pose alongside her family or will she just sit this one out?

Christmas cards are an annual tradition in the Kardashian family

There is nothing the Kardashian family loves more than Christmas!

The famous bunch always go over the top when it comes to their holiday festivities and their annual Christmas cards are anything but lackluster.

From wearing matching festive tartan to embracing different color schemes, the KarJenners take their Christmas photos up a notch every year.

While many of us consider these photos to be our Christmas presents, we’ve noticed that the most recent ones haven’t featured the entire Kardashian-Jenner bunch.

Now that the family members are all grown up and have their own lives to think about, the annual Christmas photos aren’t as easy to plan as they used to be.

Jenner decided not to be in last year’s family photo

Although the annual Kardashian Christmas photo is a tradition this famous family lives by, sometimes getting the entire family together has proven to a hassle.

During the early days of the annual Christmas photo, it was a lot easier scheduling a time when the whole family could come together and pose for a few snapshots.

Now that everyone is older and has their careers and families to think about, it isn’t as easy for them to drop everything their doing just to take a family photo.

For the past two years, Jenner has had to miss out on her family’s annual Christmas photos due to prior work engagements she just couldn’t out of.

Back in 2017, the supermodel’s schedule just didn’t match up with her family’s and she had to be photoshopped into that Christmas card.

Last year, many people were certain the Kardashian-Jenners purposefully left Kenny out of the Christmas photo after questioning her notable absence.


After receiving a ton of comments questioning Jenner’s whereabouts, Khloé Kardashian set the record straight on why her sister wasn’t in the photo.

“Why poor Kenny? She was at the shoot and she chose not to be in the picture because she thought it was cuter that it was just the babies and the mommies,” the Good American founder explained. 

Earlier this year, Jenner sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show to share her side of the story.

“We were on set all day and we hadn’t really planned a Christmas card,” Jenner said. “Kim was like we’re all ready why don’t we just do a Christmas card, and I was like, ‘I gotta go.’ I had to run with my mom to somewhat of a work thing, so we didn’t really have time.”

Will she be in this year’s Christmas card?

Now that Christmas is a little more than a month away, we can easily assume that the KarJenners have already started planning out this year’s Christmas card.

Although the photoshoot probably won’t take place until next month, we can’t help but wonder what the family has in store for fans this year?

While many of us are looking forward to seeing the family pose together in their coordinating outfits, others can’t help but hope that every member of the family will be present in this year’s photo.

Though this might be a long stretch, it has been done in the past and turned out pretty well.

Despite many of us hoping this will happen, getting the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan together gets harder every year.

Jenner alone is extremely busy and doesn’t really have time to travel back home just to take a family photo.

While she might try her best to be present this year, it’s still way too early to tell.

However, if she does appear in this year’s photo along with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner bunch, it’ll definitely be a Christmas miracle!

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