Will BTS’ ‘BE’ Album Have Sub-Units? These Fan Theories Are So Convincing

In just a matter of weeks, BTS will make their second 2020 comeback with BE. So far, the group hasn’t revealed much about the record, besides it’s supposed to be their "most BTS-esque" one yet, which makes fans even more curious to find out what surprises the guys have in store. Most of all, fans are wondering about the tracklist and whether BTS’ BE album will have sub-units. After looking through all the teasers they’ve shared so far, ARMYs think they’ve come up with a few ideas for potential sub-units.

The first place they looked at was BTS’ Map of the Soul ON:E concert VCRs. Since BTS is notorious for hiding easter eggs and other clues in their VCRs, like title tracks and album titles, ARMYs thought it was a perfect place to start. One of the most interesting clips premiered right before J-Hope’s "Ego" performance. The video showed the members split into three groups, and fans have a feeling they could be the sub-units on BE: V and RM; Jin, Suga, and Jimin; and J-Hope and Jungkook.

ARMYs also remembered something V said during BTS’ May 11 YouTube log that could back up their theory. Apparently, V mentioned he was working on a song and he needed a rapper to join him, so he asked RM. With this in mind, the VCR could hint the collab happened after all.

In case that’s wrong, ARMYs also have another idea. On Monday, Oct. 19, Big Hit Entertainment shared the first BE concept photo, and fans had a lot of thoughts about what secrets might be hidden within it. ARMYs found the guys’ sitting positions interesting, thinking it could reveal which members are teaming up next.

Jimin and Jungkook are on chairs, Suga and J-Hope are on the floor, and Jin, V, and RM are on the couch. This lines up with the "one rapper and two vocals, two vocals, two rappers" line BTS said during their May 11 YouTube log as well.

No matter which members team up, fans know the songs are going to be bops, so they’ll win either way.

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