Why The Mandalorian Is So Different From Most Other Male Heroes

We’re two episodes into The Mandalorian—the first ever live-action Star Wars TV series, in case you haven’t heard—and the series has received universal acclaim from fans and critics alike. Part of the biggest draw, of course, is the allure of the series’ titular character, The Mandalorian himself, played by Pedro Pascal. But as one Tumblr user noticed, and a Reddit post shared, this Mandalorian may be tough on the outside, but his actions speak louder than words, and they tend to set him apart from other loner male heroes that typically emerge in the genre.

The post in a way references characters like Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Star-Lord, Batman, et cetera—the male hero who is stubborn. Sure, someone like Han Solo or Star-Lord changes throughout the story, but it’s only through their being forced into seeing something they don’t believe in, or being simply proven wrong and acknowledging that another way is the better way.

As the comment from Tumblr argues, as tough as The Mandalorian is, he’s not as stubborn as these others—he’s willing to learn, he’s willing to listen, and he’s willing to acknowledge, share, and work together. Even in the series’ earlygoing, he’s an action hero cut from a different mold than these others.

The post, which was put up by u/Desecr8or and screenshots a Tumblr user named posyfoot, dives into the difference between our titular Mandalorian, and other typical male heroes of the past:

And that’s really speaking to something. As cool and brute looking as The Mandalorian is—and we’ve seen him disintegrate Jawas and use a flamethrower already—when it boils down to it, he just seems nice. As the post says, “he’s not an asshole.” And as much as we love Han Solo, we can’t exactly say that for someone like him, now can we?

New episodes of The Mandalorian will continue to roll out over the coming weeks—the next being this Friday.

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