Who Is Floyd Mayweather’s Rumored Fiance? – Nicki Swift

It’s a love story as old as time: a world-renowned athlete falls in love with a stripper, proposes, and they live happily ever after. Well, maybe, not quite. 

Prized fighter Floyd Mayweather has had a rough past year: his daughter Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather arrested for allegedly stabbing her rapper boyfriend NBA Youngboy, and Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend and mother to three of his children Josie Harris was found dead after an accidental drug overdose. It only makes sense that Mayweather is looking for solace now in 2021. Turns out that happiness was found in the arms of Anna Monroe, the head stripper at Mayweather’s Las Vegas club Girl Collection. 

Yet reports are conflicting over whether the couple truly is engaged. Could Mayweather just have gifted Monroe a huge diamond ring that she coincidentally wears on her left hand? Keep scrolling to get to the bottom of this speculative romance, and find out which sources claim their engagement is false!

Sources say Floyd Mayweather is not engaged but hopes for baby

Floyd Mayweather was first officially, publicly linked to dancer Anna Monroe on Jan. 13, 2021. The Sun reported that Mayweather and Monroe had quietly been dating before the couple broke the news to Monroe’s U.K.-based family on New Year’s Day. One telltale sign that Mayweather is in it for real? Apparently, the boxing champ does not have a penchant for strippers, and told Jimmy Kimmel in 2017 that he hadn’t received a lapdance in over 20 years. Yet a recent video was released of Monroe grinding on Mayweather at his club, per The Sun. 

Monroe was born in America but raised in England. She moved back to the U.S. at age 22 and met Mayweather at his club, Girl Collection. The couple has jetsetted around the world, and are believed to have been seeing each other for over three years. Monroe also is a “#boymom” to her young son, according to Instagram, and, per The Sun, Mayweather and Monroe are planning on having more children together. Monroe also plans to launch a beauty brows line and is building a website for her brand. 

But is there more to the story? TMZ reports that Monroe’s rock is not an engagement ring but just an expensive present, with a source denying Mayweather and Monroe are even dating. As we like to say, let’s check the receipts: Monroe’s Instagram shows them with each other over the years, so it sure seems like congratulations are in order! 

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