Who Got Shot On ‘Good Trouble’? Season 5 Premiere Spoilers Revealed

The fifth season of Good Trouble just kicked off with quite an emotional premiere episode!

This season picks up right where the season four finale left off, with Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), Joaquin (Bryan Craig) and Jenna (Maiara Walsh) running from Silas and Adam, who pulled out his gun.

While Silas urged him not to shoot, he pulled the trigger, and that’s where it ended.

Fans have been coming up with all of their theories on who was shot, and the season’s teaser trailer definitely led to many making conclusions.

Now that the episode has premiered, we’ve got some answers!

Get the scoop inside…

In the opening moments of the season five premiere, we find out that Evan (TJ Linnard) did in fact get out of the truck, and the three running stopped as they saw him.

The bullet flew right past Mariana’s head, through her hair and hit Evan in the chest and he falls to the ground.

As the trio ran towards him, Silas attempted to go up to them, but Joaquin yelled at him to stay away. As they tried to apply pressure to the wound, Joaquin told Jenna to go get his truck and Mariana said they need to call for an ambulance. He said there’s no time, so they load him into the truck.

Throughout the episode, we learn that Evan ended up having multiple strokes and has swelling in his brain, and was put into a medically-induced coma.

Later on in the episode, Evan’s lawyer comes to his hospital room, where Mariana was sitting by his side, and asked if she was who she is.

He then told her that Evan made her his proxy in his will. In a surprising turn of events, the lawyer also revealed that this also made Mariana the interim CEO of his company Speckulate!

At the end of the episode, as Mariana walks through the Coterie, she opens the door to her room and Callie turns around. Mariana then immediately grabs her into a hug and Mariana cries into her shoulder.

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