What’s Really Going On With Pete Davidson?

Pete Davidson hasn’t had the easiest time in the spotlight. His first big break came to him when he scored a small part in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, which led him to meet and subsequently “hit it off” with Bill Hader, per Davidson’s 2015 interview with People. Hader then recommended Davidson to the creator of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, and he got the job, joining the long-running skit comedy show in 2014 for its 40th season.

Davidson’s rising comedian status quickly escalated when he became one of the most talked about names in Hollywood after his whirlwind romance with pop singer Ariana Grande went public in May 2018. Davidson was often ridiculed during the relationship for not being good enough for Grande and for his appearance, but it was the following engagement to and breakup from Grande that took quite a toll on Davidson’s mental health. The breakup led to an onslaught of bullying, which caused Davidson to tweet that he wasn’t sure if he could be “on this earth anymore” (via Observer). The comedian then took a break from his job to work on his mental health.

Coverage of Davidson’s life has since calmed down, except when he’s thought to have a new girlfriend. And while his love life has remained fairly low key, one woman has been determined to make a name for herself and her supposed “relationship” with the star. Keep reading to learn what’s really going on with Pete Davidson now.

Is Pete Davidson in love?

While Pete Davidson has not been romantically connected to anyone since he and Kaia Gerber broke up in early 2020, one woman is determined to catch his eye — and is taking extreme measures to do it. TMZ reported on March 18, 2021 that a woman named Michelle Mootreddy was apprehended for trespassing at the SNL jokester’s Staten Island home. According to Page Six, Mootreddy originally knocked on the door looking for Davidson, and after his mother told her to leave the property, she decided to walk around the house and was able to enter through the back door. When police arrived to arrest the woman, she tried to convince them that she and Davidson have “a telepathic love connection,” per Page Six sources.

This is the same woman who sent out a fake press release on March 16 that she and Davidson got hitched and started a production company called Bodega Cats Presents. The fake company’s website, which has since been taken down, said Mootreddy graduated from the University of Rochester in 2017 with a political science degree and that the company was created “to increase diversity & belonging in the entertainment industry by curating experiences that have a cultural & social impact,” per Page Six. In a statement to E! News, Davidson’s lawyers said the press release “is completely false” and that Davidson “has no idea who this person is.”

It looks like Davidson can’t catch a break with his real — and fake — romantic woes.

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