What Dolly Parton Says When People Ask If She Cheated on Her Husband

Dolly Parton has been married to her husband, Carl Dean, for more than five decades. News of celebrity affairs isn’t unusual, so some people assume Parton is part of the club. She sometimes gets questions about how she has managed to stay married so long and if she ever cheats on her husband. Did Dolly Parton have an affair? Here’s what the country music singer sometimes says to people who ask if she cheated on Dean.

How Dolly Parton met her husband, Carl Dean

Parton met her husband in 1964 after she first arrived in Nashville. They met outside the Wishy Washy laundromat. In her book, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics, she reveals she “left two boyfriends back home.” However, she wasn’t interested in starting a new relationship. Parton says finding a boyfriend was “the last thing” she wanted. Much to her surprise, she and Dean “fell for” each other.

In the book Dolly on Dolly, Parton talks about the first day she met Dean. While she was at the laundromat, she got a soda and started walking around outside. She caught Dean’s eye, and they began talking. Parton says she was “fresh from the country,” where it was customary to talk to everyone. She says she has always been “the kind of person who would speak back and smile.” Two years later, Parton and Dean were married.

What Dolly Parton says when people ask if she cheated on her husband

Parton has a hilarious response for people when they ask if she ever cheated on her husband. In her book Dream More, the “Jolene” singer says, “Yes, once, when we were playing Monopoly.” She chooses to have a lighthearted response. “Did I get out of that one good?” the singer adds.

In Songteller, Parton says people sometimes assume she has had affairs because of the love songs she writes. The country singer “doesn’t admit or deny anything.” However, she says she is able to write so many love songs and songs about heartbreak because she can feel what other people might be experiencing. She describes herself as a “passionate” person who can “draw from other people’s sorrows.” Parton says songwriters just go where the “feelings” are.

Dolly Parton’s emotional affair with Gregg Perry

Although Parton jokes about cheating on her husband, there was a time when she was emotionally unfaithful. During an interview with Ladies’ Home Journal in 1982, Parton admits she had an “affair of the heart.” She says the situation was so intense that it “shattered” her heart and almost “killed her.” She didn’t share much detail in that interview, but she did open up in her book.

In her autobiography, Parton talks about the close relationship she had with her bandleader, Gregg Perry. Parton describes Perry as “good looking and educated and capable–of anything.” She was fascinated by him. Parton says she and Perry became “very close,” and she found herself becoming “wrapped up” in him.

 Dolly Parton’s crush on Jimmy Fallon

Although Parton has been married many years, she still finds other men attractive. The country singer admits to having a thing for a few celebrity men. During an interview with W magazine, she revealed her current celebrity crush is on Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. “I think he is precious,” says Parton. She told the publication that she and the comedian “get along so good.”

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