Walton Goggins Has an 80-Year-Old ‘Dick Double’ on ‘The Righteous Gemstones’

Walton Goggins has no problem letting it all hang out, but for his creepy role as Baby Billy Freeman on The Righteous Gemstones, he has a dick double. The actor shared the truth behind the full frontal scene on Conan earlier this week.

“To be fair, I had a DD,” Goggins told Conan after being asked about the nude scene.

“What’s that?” asked the talk show host.

“Dick double,” Goggins explained.

“You can get a dick double?” Conan then asks. “I didn’t know that was a possibility. I want one in life.”

Goggins was down to the scene himself, but production decided that they wanted someone truer to the pastor’s age in the show. While Goggins may be killing it playing an older fellow, Goggins is only 48 years old in real life.

“I have a 70 year-old man’s body [in the show], so it really kinda came down to that,” Goggins explains. “So they found this guy, he was a great guy—a great 80-year-old guy…He was my body double.”

Apparently, the octogenarian’s body looks so good, people believe that it’s actually Goggins. When the show came out, a critic friend of Goggins called him to say that he looked great in the nude scene and has clearly been working out.

“I’m thinking, wait that’s an 80-year-old stand-in body. My body looks better than that! Are you kidding me?”

After Conan confessed to having “deep body shame,” saying he would never do a scene naked, Goggins replied, “I personally have no shame with it. I mean, I will let it all hang out. For me, I don’t care.”

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But Goggins didn’t start like that. The actor recalled being in a play years ago where he had to be nude. At first, he was so anxious dropping his robe, and he did all of his lines with hands covering his junk. A week later, though, all of his apprehensions vanished, and he was reciting his lines with his arms crossed, his package dangling between his legs for the entire audience to see.

“I had no problem with it whatsoever,” Goggins told Conan.

Goggins has had an illustrious career playing terrifying villains in hit TV shows like The Shield and Justified, to international blockbusters like Tomb Raider. But his role as Baby Billy Freeman in The Righteous Gemstone might be his most creepy yet. Freeman is a disturbing, milk-drinking 70-year-old pastor, in the new HBO series.

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