Vogue Williams apologises over claim Spencer suffered ‘cold sore medication overdose’

Irish model Vogue Williams issued an apology to her fans on Friday, after she caused widespread concern by claiming her husband Spencer Matthews had been hospitalised after suffering a “cold sore medication overdose.”

The 37 year old presenter, appeared on the My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast on Friday and admitted to host Joanne McNally that she “sometimes embellishes things.”

Keen to clear up some confusion from earlier in the week, Vogue confirmed that her husband was “very much still alive” after rumours began circulating about his death.

Recalling the situation that had lead to this point, Vogue explained: “Spenny was hospitalised for two days because he is a little b***h and he can't handle it.”

She then continued: “Well I will tell you what, he overdosed on cold sore tablets. I am not joking, I am not joking, I'm not. He overdosed on cold sore tablets and his liver function, because he did it for a full week, taking ten of these things and he said 'oh they're fine’.”

Despite her claim, Vogue did later confess that she wasn’t actually sure if the medication was really an “overdose” as she admitted it could just as easily have been the sickness bug that had infected the whole family.

Recalling the incident on the podcast, Vogue also joked that she needed to be careful about what she was saying, as her words had been taken out of context and sent the story spiralling to a massive 43 different outlets.

Clarifying that she was “only joking” and had simply taken what a doctor had told her at face value, the star did hold her hands up and apologise for “embellishing things.”

As well as Vogue’s appearance on the podcast, Spencer himself also weighed in on the situation as he told his social media followers: “For the avoidance of doubt… I am still alive.

He then continued: “Also I was hospitalised with a virus but overdose on cold sore stuff sounds more interesting I guess?”

The unfortunate illness struck while Vogue and Spencer were enjoying a well deserved family holiday with their children Theodore, four, Gigi, three, and baby Otto, 15 months.

At the time of Spencer’s illness, while the star was recuperating in hospital after suffering from some liver function issues, all the rest of the family, including the kids, were sadly suffering from a grim stomach bug – something she added Spencer was surprisingly grateful to have avoided.

“I think he was kind of slightly thrilled because he was in hospital and Gina had just been to the doctors and she was fine. I'm not so sure he had it but I got it when we got home,” explained Vogue.

At the time of writing, all members of the family have since made a full recovery.

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