Vicky Pattison vows to stop yo-yo dieting and slams fad diets as ‘detrimental’ to mental health

Vicky Pattison has vowed to stick to her Weight Watchers plan as she says she's done with yo-yo dieting.

The 32 year old reality star, who was recently praised by fans for being honest about periods, took to Instagram to share a series of photos of herself in bikinis from over the last few years to highlight her fluctuating weight.

Speaking to her 4.5million followers, she explained that when she was skinnier she was never truly happy as it came as a result of hard training sessions combined with a lack of foods that she actually likes.

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She captioned the post: "Over the years my body shape and weight have fluctuated considerably and at times I have felt healthy, happy and confident- but at others I’ve felt uncomfortable in my own skin, stressed out, not as strong as I like to be and just abit low and lacking in self confidence! [sic]"

Appealing to her fans, she continued: "Now I bet every woman knows this feeling and can testify that there’s usually only a couple pounds- maybe even half a stone- that separates these two completely polarising outlooks- am I right?!! But to us, it can make all the difference.. [sic]"

No doubt many were in agreement with her as she continued: "This year, I’ve made it my mission to stop yo-yoing and to find some balance in my life!"

Slamming fad diet plans, Vicky explained: "I realise that putting my body through what I have over the years and pushing it from one extreme to the other, entertaining faddy diets and crash eating plans has been so detrimental on, among other things, my metabolism & mental health.

"Quite frankly I am over it & I’m done punishing myself because I like food and don’t look like Kendall Jenner!!! I don’t want to- I just want to be the best version of ME! So I want to invest in something sustainable that works for me and my body shape rather than against me! [sic]"

Vicky, who said she discovered herself after her John Noble heartbreak recently, explained she's actually really enjoying her journey losing weight through Weight Watchers as the "results are beginning to show".

Then, addressing the photos on her post, she wrote: "You know what annoys me the most about these pictures is that in the ones where I look the most toned or thin I was probably at my most miserable- only managing to look like this after a period of deprivation or intense training- & not long after I’d slip into old habits (aka living and actually enjoying myself) and the weight would creep back on. [sic]"

Instead of making the same mistakes over again, she explained that she would not be depriving herself of the foods she likes.

"This year, there will be no periods of deprivation, no missing out, nothing is off the menu- I want to live my life but also feel good about myself & my body! [sic]" she wrote.

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Vicky added: "So I’m going to keep training hard- something I’ve always advocated for my mental & physical wellbeing- & I’m going to follow my plan and hope by introducing some consistency and balance into my life I’ll reach my goals! [sic]"

She ended her lengthy post by saying: "In 2020 I want to be healthy, happy but I WILL be enjoying a burger once in awhile! Wish me luck".

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