Veteran Casting Director Cis Corman Remembered By “Best Friend” Barbra Streisand

Veteran casting director Cis Corman has died at 93.

Corman worked repeatedly with many top filmmakers. Her credits include many Martin Scorsese classics such as The King of Comedy, Raging Bull and The Last Temptation of Christ. She also worked on Michael Cimino’s The Deer Hunter and Heaven’s Gate as well as the Barbra Streisand-directed films Yentl and The Prince of Tides.

Corman later served as president of Streisand’s production company. She was remembered by Streisand on Wednesday as her “best friend and surrogate mother.”

In addition to Scorsese, Cimino and Streisand, Corman cast Irvin Kershner’s Eyes of Laura Mars and his Streisand-starring Up the Sandbox.

Corman also worked on Karel Reisz’s The Gambler, Michael Wadleigh’s Wolfen, Arthur Hiller’s Author! Author and Sergio Leone’s classic Once Upon a Time in America.

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