'Veep' creator mocks Donald Trump's coronavirus recovery, compares updates to dictator tactics

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The creator of “Veep,” Armando Iannucci, took a stab at real-world political satire in a recent article in which he lambasted Donald Trump over what he did after testing positive for the coronavirus. 

The creator of the Emmy-winning HBO comedy penned an article for The Intelligencer in which he mocked the president for creating a narrative that paints him as miraculously “immune” to COVID-19 as well as his time hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center. 

“In reality, Donald Trump is still probably contagious and currently breathing on Republicans to death — but the vision of him defeating the virus has already been cut and pasted into a narrative rendered official,” he begins. “Even the White House website has footage of Trump declaring it a miracle, so who are we to question the veracity of these events?” 

He goes on to accuse Trump’s doctors of covering for him and assisting in the narrative that he’s all better and was never truly that sick, calling the move something that a dictator and his followers would cook up. 

“On day one, doctors came out to tell us not all the facts we needed to know but only those facts that suited a narrative of recovery. This is in the tradition of dictators and authoritarians who fall ill — a host of doctors are drafted by a frenzied politburo, but only those who can be trusted to assure the people the Supreme Leader will get better,” Iannucci wrote.

‘Veep’ creator Armado Iannucci penned an article slamming Donald Trump over his handling of the coronavirus. 
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He then mocked the president’s now-infamous motorcade to wave to supporters outside Walter Reed, deriding it as a “drive-by superspreading” and speculated that some of the supporters were so close and crowded together that they might die for their support.

The Scottish satirist then discussed Trump’s return to the White House and subsequent messaging that he’s been given a clean bill of health, noting that Trump and his supporters live in a different world that’s removed from reality. 

“Trump, his supporters, and his GOP enablers have long been constructing this two-world system of reality in which they get to dictate who inhabits the one that’s valid (theirs) and who is to be cast out into the one that sucks (everyone else’s),” he wrote. “Only people in the valid world can vote or take office. Those in the other may vote, but their vote is not to be counted. In the valid one, empty chairs on the Supreme Court can be filled; in the one that sucks, they cannot. In the former, you believe in Trump and are a patriot. In the latter, you disagree and are considered a traitor.”

In this Monday, Oct. 5, 2020 file photo, President Donald Trump holds his mask after removing it from his face as he stands on the Blue Room Balcony upon returning to the White House in Washington from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. He announced he tested positive for the coronavirus on Oct. 2. 
(Associated Press)

He concluded by alleging that the president has so successfully skewed reality that he’s already won the Nov. 3 election. 


“Trump’s viral version of the truth has infected reality for so many of us it can seem there’s no point trying to resist. Trump has won, irrespective of the election result,” Iannucci concluded. “If it’s declared for Biden, then the vote counters, the commentators, the media are all hoaxes. If the result is defended in court, the lawyers are fake. If it’s upheld, the judges are impostors. Won’t it then be easier to believe that the election never happened?”

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