‘Vanderpump Rules’ Brittany Cartwright To Press Charges After Alleged Assault By Passenger On Delta Flight

Brittany Cartwright says she plans to press charges against a Delta Airlines passenger who allegedly assaulted her during a flight from Atlanta to Miami over the holidays. The Vanderpump Rules star posted details about the incident over the weekend, telling fans that a fellow first-class passenger allegedly pushed her and put gum in her hair after a verbal altercation on the plane.

According to People, Brittany Cartwright took to Twitter to explain that while she was using the restroom on the flight, a female passenger started frantically shaking the bathroom door handle. Cartwright alleged that after she finished using the bathroom, she stepped out and pointed out to the passenger “where it said occupied and vacant.” The irate female then used the restroom but began to make fun of the Vanderpump Rules star when she returned to her seat.

Cartwright revealed that after the flight landed and she and her fiance Jax Taylor were exiting the jet bridge, the passenger came over and pushed her and pulled her hair. Cartwright alleged that she later realized the woman put gum on her hair, which she had to cut out.

“This kind of behavior is not acceptable and I will be pressing charges. This incident was a complete assault. I had to cut gum out of my hair. I did absolutely nothing to deserve this and I feel like a mean girl like this needs to be put in [her] place before she acts like this to someone else.”

Cartwright, who revealed that she has her alleged attacker’s flight information and seat number, went on to say that she is “disgusted” by the incident and asked Delta to “take the necessary measures” to defend “what is right.”

According to the Miami Herald, when a Twitter commenter asked the Vanderpump Rules star why the airline should get involved, Cartwright replied, “How would you feel if you were assaulted in the middle of a huge airport and not one worker there came to help?”

A representative for Delta told People the airline is aware of the incident and “has reached out to learn more.”

You can see Brittany Cartwright’s post about the airline incident below.

The shocking incident seems to have been a wakeup call for Brittany Cartwright. While the Kentucky beauty is no stranger to being a victim of mean girl antics, it may have prompted her to dive into the New Year with an especially positive outlook. Cartwright later posted to Instagram from Miami Beach’s Hibiscus Island to celebrate her recent weight loss and wish fans a happy 2019.

The Vanderpump Rules star, who is set to marry Jax Taylor later this year, also wrote, “People may try to bring you down or mess with your happiness but no matter what always be true to YOU and smile through the bs because it will get better!!”

Vanderpump Rules airs Sundays on Bravo.

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